Welcome to Friendswood Tech

No matter how you located us, here you will find the local resources you need for your small business. With today's economy constantly changing, we've found that many small business are in need of resources but don't have the need or funds for full-time expertise.  Friendswood Tech solves that problem.

Friendswood Tech is a group of women and men that are top-notch in their fields. We've joined together to benefit both us and small business. Many of us are stay-at-home mom's that had full time corporate careers, but found that our focus needed to be on our family in their early years. But, we weren't ready to give up our careers as well as we wanted to stay on top of our fields.

Each prospective project is matched with a professional in the field. You will be contacted to discuss the project's goals and will receive details regarding pricing, timelines, goals, etc... You deal with one person, from start to finish. All projects are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

We look forward to working with you, now and in the future, with whatever your needs are!

Jackie Gibson

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