Moving your Business Office

Are you planning a business relocation in the future? Do you need the expertise of a trusted technical relocation service to move your office, computer and peripherals without disturbing your overall set up? Office and computer relocation is never an appealing task and can most often result in disaster for your network and your business if it is not done correctly. That is why your safest move is to invest in a trusted source for business relocation services. Friendswood Tech's team of professionals will take on and complete the full task of office and computer relocation services for you, provided you are within the Friendswood or surrounding areas. Friendswood Tech offers a comprehensive technical relocation service  where we will  disconnect and re-connect your PC, computers, printers and telephones from start to finish, taking into account all the elements of complete business relocation for your computers and peripherals.

Business relocation always entails more work than we expect. So whilst you are packing your personal effects, your desk drawers and filing systems, Friendswood Tech's office and computer relocation services can take care of the hardware so that you have one less thing to worry about.


Friendswood Tech's business relocation services areas will allow you to rest assured that your entire computer setup will be safely and securely relocated without you having to be involved. From start to finish your business relocation will be the hands of the most capable and competent professionals who will ensure that your network and system are installed on your new premises, exactly the same way as they were set up before. Our technical relocation service team will take care of:


  • Labeling all your computers and peripherals so that no pieces are mixed up
  • Safely disconnecting your network, computers and peripherals
  • Safe transportation to your destination
  • Reconnection of all your systems and networks
  • Ensuring that your systems are up and running


Whether you require our office and computer relocation services to move up one floor in a building, or to move one block down the road, the task will never be too big or too small for Friendswood Tech's technical relocation service. Don’t fret about where to plug in the appropriate cables or where to insert your network cables. Rather put all your trust in us to handle your business relocation swiftly and smoothly. By using the business relocation service


Friendswood Tech, you can be assured that once we have finished re-assembling (connecting) your equipment, your business will be fully operational again.


You need look no further for fully comprehensive office and computer relocation services.

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